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Welcome to Club 98

Club 98 is for those 98% of all basketball coaches who spend a lifetime working tirelessly to serve young people while striving to make the average program relevant--with no expectation of ever being inducted into any coaching hall of fame.

Now, don't misinterpret the name and believe this is a club for the mediocre because it's quite the opposite. A Club 98er gives a hall-of-fame effort on a daily basis, and some do grind out careers that get them into that 2% who make a hall of fame--my co-author Randy Montgomery is one of those.

However, Coach Montgomery--and every coach in that other 2% who earn induction into a hall of fame--starts as a Club 98er with a passion for leading and a why that is tied to something far stronger than winning basketball games.

That "why" is a huge focus of our new book A Coaching Life, so one of our goals at this website is to build a strong network of leaders who get out of bed and go to the gym every day driven by their "whys".

With that in mind, Randy and I open the invitation to Club 98 by asking visitors to our new site to share their names, where they coach, how long they've been coaching, what level, and a little bit about their "why".

Bonus Giveaway:

Those who participate will be automatically entered into Saturday's drawing for a free copy of our book. Winners will be announced at halftime of the ACC Championship Game.

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