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Welcome to Club 98

Club 98 is for those 98% of all basketball coaches who spend a lifetime working tirelessly to serve young people while striving to make the average program relevant--with no expectation of ever being inducted into any coaching hall of fame.

Now, don't misinterpret the name and believe this is a club for the mediocre because it's quite the opposite. A Club 98er gives a hall-of-fame effort on a daily basis, and some do grind out careers that get them into that 2% who make a hall of fame--my co-author Randy Montgomery is one of those.

However, Coach Montgomery--and every coach in that other 2% who earn induction into a hall of fame--starts as a Club 98er with a passion for leading and a why that is tied to something far stronger than winning basketball games.

That "why" is a huge focus of our new book A Coaching Life, so one of our goals at this website is to build a strong network of leaders who get out of bed and go to the gym every day driven by their "whys".

With that in mind, Randy and I open the invitation to Club 98 by asking visitors to our new site to share their names, where they coach, how long they've been coaching, what level, and a little bit about their "why".

Bonus Giveaway:

Those who participate will be automatically entered into Saturday's drawing for a free copy of our book. Winners will be announced at halftime of the ACC Championship Game.

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Travis Frith
Travis Frith
Mar 11, 2023

Travis Frith

Lincoln County High School

I have been coaching as a high school assistant coach for 9 years 7 as a girls assistant basketball and 8 in baseball (1 as head).

My why is that I do this to help young people realize what they can become and help them become the best versions of themselves.


Mar 10, 2023

Nicholas Tyerman

Onalaska JSHS in Texas. I’m blessed to be the head boys varsity coach and AD for our 7-12 grade campus for the last 6 years.

Been coaching for total of 14 years and a head coach for 8 years. Been at my current school for 6 years. My main why is to teach kids about giving themselves to a cause greater than self.

Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer
Mar 11, 2023
Replying to

Awesome stuff, Coach T! Welcome to the Club!

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