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25 University of Akron Students in A Coaching Class Surveyed, Top 10 Answers on the Board. . .

I had the honor and privilege of speaking to an impressive group of aspiring coaches at the University of Akron yesterday about leading a life in coaching, and one of the things I asked them all to do was write the name of their most influential coach on an index card along with the three characteristics that first came to mind when they thought of that coach.

This list should make us (coaches) all self-evaluate---I know it made me!

(These are listed in order, starting with the one that was mentioned the most)

  1. Invested in the players FIRST as people---as athletes a distant second.

  2. Determined / Driven

  3. Industrious

  4. Passionate

  5. Honest / Transparent/ Trustworthy

  6. Effective communicator

  7. Great Listener

  8. Excellent Motivator

  9. Inclusive

  10. In control of emotions / emotionally mature

As you can see, I grouped words I felt were very similar into one category, and I tried to summarize in certain cases, the best example being number one.

Here's are some of the different ways #1 was expressed---because it was expressed on almost ALL 25 index cards:

~Knows his players.

~Cared about me as a person more than as an athlete.

~Father figure


~Got to really know what motivates me.

~Understood how to talk to me off the court.

~Was interested in the things I did outside of football.

~Was a part of my life even when we weren't in season.

~Mentor beyond the basketball court.

~Made me feel like family.

Pretty powerful list, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing some comments from Club 98'ers.

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