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A Leadership Journey Guided by
The Best-Laid Plans

by Matt Kramer & Randy Montgomery

In a sea of leadership and coaching books that are written by coaches in professional and collegiate sports, A Coaching Life is the voice of two high school coaches written specifically for youth and high school coaches. Just as they did in their first book, Randy Montgomery, a newly retired 600-win Ohio Hall-of-Fame coach, and Matt Kramer, a 200-win coach who has recently developed 6 high-level Division 1 college basketball players, offer an array of tried and true ideas throughout the course of the text that many readers have found valuable over the course of the past decade. However, the aspect of A Coaching Life that makes it a compelling read for a wider audience are the stories woven into the fabric of those shared leadership ideas, showing how sometimes they lead to sell-out crowds, euphoric championship celebrations and the coach receiving the key to the city; other times, candidly admitting that those same ideas ended in empty bleachers, sleepless nights and the athletic director collecting the coach’s keys to the gym. In both cases, and every case in between, A Coaching Life offers an authentic narrative that will reveal the true value of a career in leading young people.​

Available in Paperback and eBook formats.

About the Book

The Mission Statement: After devoting myself to 3 decades of coaching at every level of high school basketball, mine is the voice of what I call  “The 98% Club”—those coaches who dedicate a lifetime to serving young people while striving to make the average basketball program relevant, with no expectation of ever being inducted into any coaching hall of fame.  Today, my mission is to offer my fellow “Club 98’ers” leadership ideas and strategies that help to navigate this cutthroat era of coaching high school sports.

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